Friday, December 21, 2007

Sarah Tofte finds it striking...

Sarah Tofte, a researcher for Human rights watch, who we mentioned here, recently went on WYNC New York Public Radio with Pro-Sex Offender Activist Linda Pehrson. Aside from the usual blame gaming you expect from the likes of Linda Perhson and the talk of "Restorative Justice," what we found interesting was a statement made by Sarah Tofte:

"This is a number that always strikes me, that I think people don't pick up on as much, but to me I find this the most striking number. Is that every year, of all new sex crimes, eighty-seven percent of new sex crimes are committed by someone who has no previous sex crimes convictions."

The implication being that 13% of new sex crimes are committed by people who already have been convicted for sexual offenses.

If we were to compare the number of people who are sexual offenders (627,217) with the entire population of the U.S (301,139,947) we'd find that sex offenders make up roughly 0.2% of the entire population.

Going by her own statistics, I wonder what it is that Sarah Tofte finds most striking about her statistic which illustrates that such a tiny percentage of the population is accounting for a disproportionately large percentage of new sex crimes - 13% committed by 0.2% of the population.

Friday, December 7, 2007

I feel sorry for a lot of those animals

Earlier we touched on the "empathy" displayed by girlchat members in regards to a girl being forced to urinate on a front lawn, in front of a school bus full of her classmates, now LGsouL has given us another insight into the compassion childlovers have for children, in his thread:


LGsouL starts out saying that he finds it funny that Absolute Zero talked about Child Pornorgaphers, in our post Anything you say may be used against you and then finishes up laughing about how another Girlchat member is getting married to woman to have easier access to sexually abuse her daughter.

"These are our enemies. And this is why I feel we will win. Logic over idiocy. It may take long but if this is what we are up against then oh lord we will win!"

Pedologic doesn't win you anything, except of course prison time - just ask the other "winners" Remsen Benedict, Robert Vann Smith, Jimbo finn... Childlvr4ever07 aka Rob/Tom chimes in behind LGsouL with:

Absolute Morons is right, I read all of that as well and was appauled , that someone would abuse a Dog !!!
In regards to an investigators description of the intensity of child pornography he'd witnessed:

"Pictures of a young girl, 6 or 7 years old, nude, tied to a chair and being penetrated by a dog."

Appalled that someone would abuse a dog? Never mind the girl which was tied down naked and forcibly penetrated by an animal - photographed being degraded, raped and humiliated, so that perverts could relive the sexual abuse over and over for their pleasure. Joey follows on outraged about the abuse of the dog being used to rape a child:

Joey Bishop
That's obviously not normal behavior for a dog, someone trained him to do that. I feel sorry for a lot of those animals in bestiality porn, though few seem to care, and would rather get all hysterical about CP, which is often consensual.
Consensual just like a girl being tied down or an infant being penetrated by an adult male.

Honestly I'd feel sorry for the animal in an adult porn but not in a cp. The dog isn't being abused at all compared to this girl. Do you really think a little girl wants to get banged by a dog? lol not really.
Now there's the wisdom of the ages for you.

None of these outlandish claims of CP are ever verified, so we have no idea what these investigators are actually seeing. Since no one can verify their claims they can lie to their heart's desire and interpret what they see any way they wish.
In typical pedo style, Dissident tries to attack the validity of the investigators statement, denying that sexual abuse may not have even occurred; Despite the fact that members of law enforcement would have nothing to gain from lying about photos of kids being sexually abused. In true "Childlover" style Dissident finishes up with more senselessness:
And btw, I do not think anyone should go to jail simply for wanking off to pics or videos of children.
LGSouL, had this to say in response to Absolute Zero member Violetleaves, mentioning his name:
Hehe her post is exactly what I wanted and expected. I just thought it'd be funny to use her for my amusement. And if she sees what I just said I gave her more ammo to attack me! Oh I am using a sex abuse survivor. LOL
This is the compassion that "Childlovers" have for the kids they claim to love - indifference towards a child being sexually exploited, degraded and humiliated, which they try to gloss over and even deny that any abuse occurred - they display more concern for the animal being using to penetrate a child, than for the child suffering.